Chart of used programming languages by projects Pie chart with each piece representing a different programming language and the amount of projects I use that language in. Lua is 4.0%, C is 12.0%, C# is 4.0%, Go is 16.0%, Rust is 20.0%, Python is 8.0%, Java is 8.0%, JavaScript is 8.0%, Dart is 4.0%, Kotlin is 4.0%, C++ is 12.0%.
Chart of the usage of different licenses across projects Pie chart with each piece representing the frequency of usage of a license across my projects. MIT is 4.3%, LGPL-3.0 is 8.7%, MPL-2.0 is 8.7%, GPL-3.0 is 56.5%, AGPL-3.0 is 21.7%.


Small Unix coreutils package written in Go, meant to be as small, clean and simple as possible.

command-line-utility coreutils cross-platform go


Window pixel framebuffer framework scriptable with Lua, implemented in Rust.

framebuffer framework lua rust


Minimal C99 library for modern error handling in C.

c error-handling library result


BookWyrm API client.

api api-client bookwyrm go


Almost complete snake clone in plain C99.

c game mobile raylib raylib-c snake


Any artist's saddest songs ranked.

api cli music python ranking spotify


A CLI tool to setup a vanilla JavaScript project.


Small GTK application to notify yourself at certain times of the day.

cpp cpp17 gtk gtk4 gtkmm

Imperialist Collector

Mobile "catch-the-ball" game made on libGDX.

game java libgdx mobile mobile-game


Stupid server to share text between devices.

chi go server share

Cubes n' Stuff

3D Minecraft clone made in a custom modern C++ OpenGL engine.

clone cpp cpp17 game opengl


Simple CLI Mastodon client written in C#.

cli client csharp mastodon


Lightweight and simplified Microsoft Notepad alternative.

c gui text-editor win32 winapi windows

Better CMD

Enhanced Windows CMD.EXE implementation in Rust.

cli rust shell windows
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